Eric R. Williams

Eric R. Williams
Areas of Expertise
• Screenwriting
• Video Production
• International Projects

Eric.Williams.2 [at]

• Columbia University, New York City, New York - M.F.A. in Film 1997
• Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois - B.S. in Communication 1990


I’m a writer at heart, a production person by trade. I use these talents to explore and comment upon the world. Before I became a professor at Ohio University, I owned my own production company for nearly fifteen years. Some of the highlights during that time:
• Wrote a two-hour, made-for-tv Columbo episode for Universal Studios
• Directed and produced more than 300 live news and variety shows (Jeff & Christie Live, and Healthy Living) for WCLL-TV;
• Remote correspondent from the Appalachian Trail (six months, 2100+ miles) for 19@Noon TV and the Daily Pulp blog.
• Created and co-produced the pilot show Don’t Try This At Home for American Movie Classics (AMC).

Now I enjoy using my production skills on regional and international projects that have a social impact:
• Co-producing and co-directing Guyana’s first documentary television series, Guyana Pepperpot; covering topics such as domestic violence, homelessness and teenage sexual behavior.
• Directing a twenty-episode video podcast series: The Chagas Disease Research Project - an ongoing endeavor documented in the remote regions of Ecuador.
• Producing and directing a one-hour documentary, Breaking News: The Collision of Consumerism and Journalism in a Democracy; comparing and contrasting capitalistic influences on the press in the U.S and Ukraine;
• Co-writing and co-directing the Emmy-Award-Winning on-line educational series What’s the Problem? for Ohio teachers’ in class use (Interactive, Regional).

I also continue to work professionally as a screenwriter. Some of my most recent projects include:
• Adapting Bill Littlefield’s sports novel The Prospect for Workshop Productions (Messengers);
• Co-writing the comedy rap script Legendary with director Alfredo DeVilla (Nothing Like the Holidays) for Phaze 3 Films;
• Co-writing the web-series thriller SubterraNYa with Stephen Lancellotti (Digger 3D) for Fox Online.
• Developing and co-writing a project about the Iraq War with producer Carl Craig (I’m Gonna Get You Sucka, The Salon).

My teaching at Ohio University and my professional creative work have garnered a variety of awards and accolades:
• Ohio Arts Council “Award of Individual Excellence in Screenwriting”; 2009 (Voices From the Heartland)
• Honors Tutorial College “Distinguished Mentor Award”; 2009
• “Final Cut Award” for Best Editing from the Lake Havasu International Film and Video Festival; 2009 (Breaking News).
• Emmy Award (Interactive Media; Regional); 2008 (WOUB Center of Public Media’s What’s the Problem? project)
• “University Professor Award” for Excellence in Teaching ; 2007
• “Finalist” Film Independent (formally IFM/LA) Producers Lab; 2006 (Crystal Messiah)
• “Semi-finalist” Sundance Screenwriters’ Lab, 2003 (Brave Run Home)
• Best New Work from the Writers Guild of America; 2000 (Crystal Messiah);

When I’m not working, you’ll find me in the woods with my wife, Petra. We are avid long distance hikers, with some amazing trips under our belts:
• Appalachian Trail (2000)
• Long Trail (2008 - incomplete due to porcupine attack on our dog)
• Various long distance Grand Canyon hikes (2003-2011)

Academic Positions

Assistant Professor, Ohio University; School of Telecommunications 2004- 2007
(granted Provisional Graduate Faculty Status, Fall, 2006)
Writing and Production Planning (TCOM 110)
Lighting for Video (TCOM 221)
Short Form Media Writing (TCOM 231)
Introduction to Video Production (TCOM 240)
Advanced Single Camera Production (TCOM 319)
Long-form Video Production – co-taught (TCOM 419)
Script Analysis (TCOM 430)
Scriptwriting for TV (TCOM 431)
Advanced Screenwriting (TCOM 432)
Writing the Docudrama (TCOM 486)
Honors Tutorial – Writing the Festival Short (HTC - S07)
Honors Tutorial – Writing for the Web (HTC - F06)
Honors Tutorial – Pre-producing the Short (HTC - S06)

Visiting Professor, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Department of Political Science and School of Journalism 2006-2007
Studio News Production (Winter Trimester - 2006 & 2007)
Journalism Practicum - video production (Winter Trimester - 2006 & 2007)
World Broadcasting - co-taught via video conference (Winter Trimester - 2007)

Instructor/Visiting Professor, Ohio State University, Theatre Department 2003-2007
Writing the Animated Short (Theatre 636)
Writing the Feature Film Treatment (Theatre 636x)
Writing the Situation Comedy (Theatre 636y)
Writing the Adaptation (Theatre 636z)
Graduate Independent Study (Theatre 837)




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